Jul. 26th, 2006

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It's working! Hurrah!

For all I know, it was a miracle, brought about by the power of internet community. I could barely sleep last night, and at 6 AM I popped out of bed to check and see if anyone had sent suggestions. And you had! I took krasota's suggestion and hooked up an external monitor and powered the laptop on. Well, somehow I not only got a display on the external monitor but also a display on the laptop screen. It appears to have healed itself overnight!

Of course, I quickly backed up everything I'd been lazy about backing up recently just in case it was all a fluke, but everything still appears to be working normally.

And now that I've gone through the trouble of disconnecting the monitor from my Dell desktop, I have a second monitor to use with my laptop when I'm at my desk (until I need to use my Dell for something, which is increasingly rare anymore). Bonus!

Thanks to everyone who commented with suggestions and sympathy. Your support healed my laptop!
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Freaking out!

I dropped my personal laptop as I was packing up to leave work tonight, and now it won't start. It was only from the height of my chair, and I did manage to slow its fall a little, but still it won't power up.

Well, more accurately, when I first tried to start it up, I got a white screen with some ASCII text in the upper left corner saying something about firmware and asking me to type one of two commands (either resume startup or "shut-down") at the prompt. I winced and typed "shut-down." It did shut down, and when I tried to turn it on again after that, I heard the startup sound but got no response from the screen. I tried several times with the same results.

I have an extended warranty, but the hours shown on the Apple support documentation are 8AM to 8PM CST, so I have 9.5 hours left to freak out before I can call.

So I'm posting this entry from my Treo, and looking for sympathy, suggestions (man, if someone has an idea on something I can try that won't void my warranty and WORKS that person will be my new best friend), uh, sympathy again... yeah, and suggestions. And sympathy.

But no fair telling me what an idiot I am for dropping it. I already know that.

Edited to add: It's working again, hurrah! But thanks to everyone for the comments, both sympathetic and suggestive. Er. You know what I mean.

Nov. 3rd, 2005

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The mighty PowerBook has spoken

Posting my first message from my new laptop! I truly love it. And I just downloaded Xjournal, which appears to be a very good editor apart from the fact that its built-in dictionary apparently doesn't recognize Xjournal as a valid word.

Fear me, WiFi cafes! I am on the loose.
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Two updates

First, the Dad update: well, there's not much new to say, actually. He's been exhibiting the signs of active death for weeks now, such as picking at his bedclothes, reaching out into the empty air in front of him, increased apnea (up to 20 and sometimes almost 30 seconds between breaths), and, of course, the more graphic stuffCollapse ). No one knows what to do besides wait, keep him as comfortable as possible, and try not to go mad. I don't mean to sound flippant about all of this; it's just that I'm starting to be a little numb through all the strain and anxiety. Believe me, I'm still processing what's really happening, and it breaks my heart into pieces. I just can't spend all my time that way.

OK. Second update: I bought a new laptop, and it's an Apple PowerBook! I hope some of my friends will be proud to have helped influence my conversion (therealjae, I'm a-lookin' your way). I'm pleased as punch. I made the leap after realizing a few things: one, I do a lot of songwriting in places like cafes and libraries, and I've been trying to use either a paper notebook or my Treo 650 to capture the writing (I try not to use my work-issued laptop for personal stuff -- a lesson learned from years of fairly abrupt job departures). The paper and Treo each have shortcomings for this type of use, and those shortcomings are a hindrance to productivity. I also finally bought myself MasterWriter software (I'm an ASCAP member, so I got a decent discount) to use on it. Anyway, there are dozens of other justifications and rationalizations, and one happy bonus is that, while we're away from home, Karsten and I will be able to watch DVDs on it in the hotel room. It should be arriving today. Yay!
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