Oct. 31st, 2006

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Catch-up tricks and Halloween treats

So if you love me, you noticed I was offline for about a week. Lie and tell me you love me, dammit.

On Thursday, my employer took us on an overnight retreat to a cabin on a lake in Alabama. We did some "strategizing" and then got really, really drunk.

On Friday, one of my coworkers and I decided to stay an extra night at the cabin and get our respective spouses to come down and stay with us. It was great fun for all five of us: Karsten, me, the other couple, and their parrot. Their parrot, in fact, may have had more fun than anyone. He even developed a crush on me, I'm afraid.

Good thing he didn't see me on Saturday night in my cat costume.

Oh yeah, so we got back on Saturday just in time for several Halloween parties, which we graced with our costumed presence. You already know my costume -- here was Karsten's:

Karsten & coworker Jim at a Halloween party, 2006

He was a hillbilly hockey player, or something like that. The ballcap he's wearing says "Country Western Hockey Tournament" and he found it at a thrift store. It's real! You can't make shit like that up. His hockey stick is homemade, and it says "Puckfucker 1000" down the handle. The mullet wig, however, makes the costume, in my opinion.

Oh, and that's my coworker Jim grabbing Karsten to keep him from escaping the camera. Jim was a futuristic gay spaceman from the 1950s, or something like that. (Not that Jim is gay, really -- only the tight silver gym-queen shirt he wore under his spaceman suit was gay.) He wore a suit covered in duct tape; pretty classic.

Some other costumes seen: witch, devil, zombie vampire, cheerleader, French maid, King Kong & blonde, pirate... oh, and Japanese anime characters. LOVEd that.

Hope everyone's been doing well... and missing me. Lie and tell me you missed me, dammit!

Nov. 3rd, 2003

with karsten

Great weekend!

It was a most pleasant weekend! toastytuft and I house-sat for my boss' boss, who made it clear that we were welcome to any of the food or wine in the house. And there happened to be a new case of Frontera Chardonnay, as well as a lot of Halloween candy.

Soooo, we did a little backsliding. OK, we did a lot of backsliding. We ate non-vegan Halloween candy (by the way, I think I like Butterfinger best, but Milky Way is not a bad contender), drank several glasses of wine (the aforementioned Chardonnay as well as a lovely bottle of Fat Bastard Shiraz -- it needed a lot of time to breathe, but it was perfectly drinkable afterwards), nibbled some cheese (Swiss! it'd been so long since I'd had Swiss cheese)... in short, we really let ourselves go. ;-)

But we also ran 5 somewhat hilly miles on Sunday morning (nothing next to Charlottesville, red_frog -- my perspective is forever skewed as a result of your town's hills), so we did make up for it all. A little bit.

Oh, and we got to watch a few more episodes of The West Wing! (Courtesy of tapes made by therealjae.) We have one more on the first tape, and the entire second tape left to watch. That should get us through the long Thanksgiving weekend -- when we're housesitting again. :-)

Oct. 31st, 2003

with karsten

Change of plans

toastytuft and I huddled and decided to skip the bar and the street party. We're going to have a private pizza-and-movie party instead, possibly with alcoholic beverages purchased for far less money than would be required in a bar. After further evaluation, we both decided that said bar was seeming less and less like a place where we'd actually have a fun Halloween, and if we weren't particularly going to be having fun, we'd rather be home with a pizza and a movie.

If you can follow that logic.

shaktiqueen made me do it.

Oh, and I just had to use this orange-y user icon. It's the most Halloweeny one I have.

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Happy Halloween, and Happy Birthday to therealjae!

*hugs* and *kisses* to Ms. J. I'm glad I got to see you so close to your birthday!

Halloween. Hmm. I'm wearing an orange sweater and long black skirt, but no costume to work. I didn't think the naughty school girl look would be considered professional. ;-)

I think I dodged a bullet at work. Yesterday I was worried about losing my job, but now I'm thinking I'm safe. We'll see. Today should prove interesting. Well, up until this afternoon. I have to attend a class at work called "Communicating and Listening." *yawn* It's required for all the employees in my department. As if we really have four hours to spare.

And then I'm out for the evening! Two singer-songwriter friends of ours are performing in a round tonight, dressed up as each other and playing each other's songs. Should be amusing. And there will be me in my school girl getup and toastytuft in his country-western hockey player garb. Yeah, it'll be an interesting evening. ;-)
hand on head - b&w

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