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High Holy Mass of Contradictions

Kate O'
23 December 1973
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Welcome to my LiveJournal. I'm a Chicago-area native transplanted to Nashville to pursue my dream of being mocked by native Nashvillians for having moved here to be a songwriter.

I live in the oldest brick house in Nashville with my husband / best friend / songwriting partner, Karsten, and our six hilarious cats. They're better entertainment than TV, which is a good thing since we don't own a TV. (We do, however, own two DVD players by way of computers, and we watch a few TV shows on DVD, which is how we know that "Arrested Development" iswas the smartest & funniest TV show ever. May it rest in peace.)

Latest view of the porch            Karsten in front of his rock pile            All six cats together

I'm sort of a huge film buff, and I usually know more geeky film trivia than just about anyone in any room, which is fun but kind of embarrassing. Karsten and I watch a lot of movies, and together we've been building our perfect DVD collection since 1998 when we bought our first DVD player. We were pretty poor for a few years in there, so it's not really a huge collection, but it feels like a good amount of variety. We've also been Netflix subscribers since 1998, and I worked there in the early '00s.


Karsten and I write songs together, and we write in many different styles from country (duh, this is Nashville, after all) to reggae to zydeco. Well, no, not really zydeco, but it makes for a good story. I have a degree in German, but I don't often write songs in German. I have, however, written a reggae song in English that was almost picked up in the German market.

By day, I work in technology as a marketer, utilizing arcane bits of my language and linguistics education. I do and have done web and software design, e-commerce marketing, web analytics, site optimization, copywriting, technical documentation, training, and project management. On paper, my professional background looks like a hybrid of content development and content management, with quite a bit of search design work thrown in for fun, and that's partly true, but in practice, there's always been a technology and language/communication theme to my work. I enjoy that. Anyway, my current gig is managing the customer experience group for an e-commerce company, doing site optimization and overseeing user experience improvements. It's pretty cool.

I occasionally post moblog entries from my iPhone. When I do, they're linked to my flickr account. If you're also a flickr user and you want to keep up with my photos, feel free to add me as a contact.

Anyway, I post pretty publicly most of the time, but some of my more personal ramblings are friends-locked. If you're interested in reading more of my inanity, drop me a line and I'll probably add you, or add me and I'll probably add you back. If I don't add you, it's likely because I'm too lazy to check to see who's added me lately or because maybe your journal appears to be lots of silly memes, and I'm not very excited about reading those. Or something.

Anyway, I'm also not above linking to my Amazon wish list, so feel free to peruse that if you want an idea of the kinds of things I'd own if I had all the money in the world... or just a bit more of it than I currently do.

You can also find me on:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/kateo
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