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Child-free and quite fulfilled, thankyaverymuch

At a Chamber of Commerce mixer the other night, the woman who is my membership representative was telling a story about how she met me to someone else there. (She was in the audience when I was on a panel on women in technology at last year's BarCamp Nashville.) She mentioned that, at one point, when the panel was discussing children and family and I said that I had no interest in having kids, the woman next to her in the audience muttered something like "what an empty thing to admit."

I'm glad she told me that story because I do like to have a read on people's reactions to my choices and lifestyle. But that woman in the audience? Fuck her.

(P.S. - Also? I can't believe I didn't already have a "child-free" tag. Have I truly never talked about this here before? I mean, Karsten and I organized the Nashville Child-Free Meetup for the first few years we were here. How did this never come up before?)


As a parent, I must say -- f*** her right in the ear. Having children has only cemented my opinion that child-free is an extremely valid and worthwhile choice, and nobody should be having kids who doesn't really want kids.
as a parent and as a teacher, I completely agree with you. I think that too many women feel the pressure to have children because of societal norms.
Srsly? What a twit.
What a bitch! Personally, I've always thought that having kids was a kind of a selfish thing to do (though totally societally acceptable). I mean, who are you having kids for? The survival of the species? C'mon, people.
hand on head - b&w

February 2011