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More original content!

I've disabled the cross-posting by default from my Honey Bowtie Music blog. This is for several reasons:
  • It's too repetitive, and I dislike the fragmentation of comments. 
  • I'd already planned to separate my posting there and here, but didn't really follow through on it, and I think the cross-posting feature was a crutch.
  • I've got several other blogs now besides the one at honeybowtie.com (there's my internet marketing blog and the Corporate Idealist blog), and it seems a little arbitrary to cross-post only the content from one, but it would be overkill to cross-post the content from all of them.
  • I keep trying to get myself to write more consistently about music and songwriting over at honeybowtie, and instead I keep thinking about it as my personal blog when, really, this is and has been my personal blog.
  • Thanks to therealjae, I created a Dreamwidth account and I want to give it a fair try, but I want to use it more for the features that probably make it a good community blogging platform and not what might make it a poor mainstream blogging platform.
  • I'm trying to get back to setting time aside each day for blogging for a variety of reasons, so I think I'll be better prepared to keep up with having separate places to write, which was a problem of priorities for a while.
  • I felt like I was doing myself a disservice here by largely posting content that wasn't intended for this format, and I don't think my friends were reading as consistently as they would have if I were standing in the community and actively participating in it rather than throwing stuff over the wall from outside. And non-acknowledgement is a pretty fair response to non-authentic participation, if you ask me, so I want to change the way I participate.

So there you go. The upshot: more content written here, intended for here. Hope you like the change, and if not, let me know why not. If you want to follow my blogging elsewhere, the links to the blogs are above but I'll make it even easier for you: here are the links to the RSS feeds: 

Kate and Karsten's songwriting blog feed
[meta]marketer web marketing blog feed
Corporate Idealist blog feed


I didn't mind the crossposting, but anything that gets you to post more is fine by me!

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February 2011